2021 Cadillac Escalade

Ever since it was first unveiled to the world in 1999, Cadillac made sure the Escalade was a standard that all other full-sized, luxury SUV’s would be compared to. Being one of the first SUV’s in this market meant that GM had to pull out all the stops and that they did just that.

However, today's Luxury SUV market is severely overcrowded, but just like over 20 years ago, the Escalade is still the king of the road. From its imposing face to the tech-filled cabin, Cadillac makes sure that its flagship SUV remains the king of this increasingly popular segment.

This article will give you some insight into how the Escalade name remains on top by showcasing some of its leading-edge technology and unsurpassed luxury. It’s easier said than done in today’s market, but Cadillac doesn’t back down.

2021 Cadillac Escalade
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February 4, 2021


Just before the world was getting ready for a new millennium, the luxury car brand from GM was getting ready to enter the luxury SUV market. The competition was scarce and included other full-size trucks such as the Mercedes ML and Lincoln Navigator.

Although Cadillac had little competition in the segment, they still wanted to be the top of their class, just like they had done in the past. Since that time, the prized Escalade has undergone changes to make for a total of five generations, each getting bigger and more luxurious than the last.

It’s no secret that the SUV market is wanting increasingly more luxury and technology, and Cadillac is happy to oblige with the Escalade. Let’s take a look at some of the features that made the Escalade one of the top sellers here at Car Guy NY.

Exterior Styling

Debuted in early 2020, the 5th generation Escalade showed the world what the pinnacle of luxury should be when it came to SUV’s. The exterior, specifically the front, was redesigned entirely for a bolder and more aggressive look, while still maintaining the classic Escalade lines.

The headlights have been shrunk while the grille has gotten noticeably bigger. This design language has also been used on other GM trucks and SUV’s and we think it really works on this model. It manages to stand out while not being overly obnoxious.

The side profile has remained exclusively Escalade, but with subtle differences that help it mature into its 5th generation. Most notably, the C-pillar, which is now available in black, helps the windows blend in for a sleeker-looking silhouette.

For the rear, Cadillac maintained the long taillights that have been indicative of the Escalade from the 4th generation. The most notable differences in the back are the exhaust tips incorporated into the rear bumper for a more aggressive look.

Overall, the new Escalade has received a much-needed facelift, given that the 4th generation was in production since 2015. All changes add up for a stronger, meaner looking truck that fits perfectly with this SUV’s personality.

Interior Styling

The interior has always been a category that the famed automaker dominated, and this generation did not disappoint. From the multiple screens greeting the driver, to the luxurious rear seats, the new Escalade oozes luxury, regardless of where you sit.

Firstly, the driver’s area has been redesigned to include more screens and change the overall appearance. The result is a driver-focused cabin that has no less than 3 screens greeting the person who takes the wheel.

And don’t think that Cadillac has forgotten about the passengers. After all, it is meant to carry several people in the lap of luxury. Features such as beautifully thought-out ambient lighting and an improved sound system all add up for an unforgettable experience, regardless of where you sit.

Additionally, the leather is just as comfortable as it looks. Choose the premium luxury trim level and you will be rewarded with ventilated seats for both driver and passenger. That is exactly what's needed on a hot summers’ day.

As a bonus, the rear-view mirror is now connected to a camera in the back, improving visibility tenfold compared to previous models. However, at the flip of a switch, the mirror turns back to normal so you can see what is going on in the rear of the cabin.

Exclusive Features

Over the years, the Escalade has been the pinnacle of innovation and technology. Cadillac chose the Escalade as their favorite platform when it came time to unveil their many features. To follow in the footpaths of previous generations, the new model has many firsts for the company. Let’s have a look at some of the most notable elements integrated into the 2021 model.

38” OLED Curved Display

38” OLED Curved Display

There is no doubt that one of the most talked-about features of the new Escalade is the immense, driver-focused infotainment system and gauges.

Much like other auto manufacturers, Cadillac set out to have one of the most impressive infotainment systems in the car industry, and, in our opinion, they achieved that. While it is true that it is not one screen, but rather a total of three separate displays, the luxury carmaker sure made a statement with it.

The OLED display will display information that is as sharp as any new TV or smartphone, having roughly twice the pixels of 4K TV’s currently found on the market.

Analog gauges are now a thing of the past as all the information is digitally presented to the driver. In addition, both the system and infotainment controls are integrated in an ingenious way that screams luxury.

Powerful AKG Sound System

If you are an audiophile or just someone who likes premium sound, the AKG sound system is worth every penny. It comes standard with a total of 19 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and a bass box, all of which sound amazing.

But for those dedicated to crystal clear, deep, and rich 360-degree sound, the AKG Studio Reference upgrade provides the owner with 36 speakers, 3 amplifiers, and a front and rear bass box for a true sound immersion that will have you thinking you are right in front of the show.

Most people will discount this upgrade as not being worth the money, but then again, most people haven’t heard the clarity and depth of the Studio Reference package in person. If you have a chance to compare the two, you will be instantly convinced.

Augmented Reality Navigation System

AR or augmented reality is no longer the thing of science fiction movies. Although not the first at implementing augmented reality into a navigation system, Cadillac is surely one of the best at it.

So how does it work? The augmented reality system in the new Escalade works by projecting real-time navigation information over a live video feed of the road ahead. By doing this, choosing the right lane, and knowing which exit to take, for example, has been made that much easier.

Couple that with intuitive audio cues and missing your next exit or turn becomes nearly impossible. Seeing videos of the system in action only does so much, but trying it out in real life will give you the full experience. Come on down to Car Guy NY and see what all the fuss is about.

Final Words

As the auto industry is getting more advanced with each passing day, the Cadillac Escalade promises to be one of the top SUVs in its class thanks to its world-renowned technology and superior comfort.

Many things have changed since the very first Escalade hit the market back in 1999, but one thing is sure, the luxury SUV market is still dominated by Cadillac. A simple test drive will help anyone having even the slight doubt, become a believer.

We, here at Car Guy NY are dedicated to making your leasing or buying experience as easy and comfortable as possible, much like the new 2021 Escalade.

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